School Profile


Enrolment numbers at Ballam Park have been steady over recent years at around 350. This year there are 15 grades. We endeavour to keep our class numbers as small as possible.



Staff 2017


Principal: John Mace

Assistant Principal: Jeff Smit


Student Welfare Co-ordinator: Lee Street


Business Manager: Rosemary Van Sanden/Sharon Juriansz

Office Staff: Pam Lefebvre, Barb Sexton


Foundation: Bodeane Bruce, Pam McGeary, Chris Robinson

Years 1/2: Miranda Archer, Sarah Milne, Ellie Kewley, Tegan Sheldon

Years 3/4: Michael Ennis, Lucy McLeod, Kirsty Johnson, Suzanne Burrows

Years 5/6: Meaghan Back, Rachael Arkley, Stephanie Vella, Jess Carter


IT Technician: Scott Graham

Library: Pam Lefebvre, Lynn Anderson

Literacy Intervention:  Kylie Shaw

Performing Arts & Music: Jan Beilken

Physical Education: Darren O’Brien

Reading Recovery: Barbara Hamaline

School Chaplain: Angela Bilson

Visual Arts: Sandra Davis


Integration Aides are placed in classes to support the class teachers to meet students with special needs: Lynn Anderson, Bev Cox, Michaela Dahlstrom, Allie Gahan, Sheree Hall Tervit, Jo Lothian, Sally Rea, Corey Shotter